"How to Easily Write An Incredible Resume That Will Hypnotize Any Employer Into Interviewing You -- Even If You've Never Written A Resume (And Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On A Professional Resume Writer)!"

These Exclusive Resume Writing Methods, Techniques, and Tactics That are GUARANTEED to make Your Resume IRRESISTIBLE to Employers or your money back.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, take your money back and use it at any of these top online professional resume writing services.

How will this book help you?

  • Do you hate the way your current resume looks, but don't how to make it better?

  • Do you want a higher salary but don't know how to write a resume that will justify it?

  • Do you get a mental block when you try to write or rewrite your resume?

  • Are you hoping that nobody sends in a better resume so that the boss will be forced to give you the job?

Would you like to know how to get rid of ALL THESE PROBLEMS in minutes?

Now you can, with your copy of this information-packed book. It is a your behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at the complete resume creation process.

"What This Easy-To-Follow Book Does For You"
  • Analyzes real resumes from actual people.

  • Resumes are from both women and men.

  • You'll see a wide variety of job experiences, educational backgrounds and careers analyzed and explained.

  • It teaches you the rules of writing a resume (and which rules to break!)

  • You'll learn what's right and wrong on your resume (and how to fix it).

  • Discusses in a very readable dialog how YOU can make the same dramatic improvements to your own resume.

  • You get large-font, easy-to-read pages packed with rock-solid resume writing advice, divided into easy-to-digest sections.

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How Much Salary Are You Losing By Not Knowing The Answers To These Questions?
  1. Do you REALLY know what a resume is?

  2. Do you know what it is for?

  3. Do you know how to use it most effectively?

If you are unsure about any of the answers to those three questions, don't worry. Most people aren't either.

Those answers, and answers to resume writing questions you don't even know to ask yet, are easily available in your copy of the book.

You don't have to take my word for it:

"My tailored resume generated an immediate response..."

"The techniques presented in this book were awesome. For the first time, I felt comfortable with my resume when I submitted it. The guidelines in the book made it very easy to adapt my skills to fit a given position.

My tailored resume generated an immediate response and was an excellent tool to have with me during the phone interview, since my resume already stated how my skills would fit into my new position."

-- Melissa S., USA

See? Resume writing doesn't have to be so tough! But how does it work?

"What's The SECRET That Makes This Book So Devastatingly Effective For You?"

Real resumes are analyzed in this book. That's right, real resumes from real people, looking for real jobs, just like you! The only difference is that their personally-identifiable information has been removed.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if somebody finally explained how to write a resume in plain, easy-to-read, conversational language?

Consider this:   As you grow up, you are taught how to spell, how to work math problems, how to drive, and even taught about the "birds and the bees!" But has anyone ever taught you how to write a resume???

I didn't think so. Until now.

Imagine an experienced resume writer, sitting beside you. You get a front-row seat as each sample resume is transformed before your eyes.

Plus, this book is completely compatible with all major computer systems, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, and many others. This book is NOT compatible with WebTV.

"What's The Difference Between This Book And All The Others?"

  • Each resume is analyzed and explained section by section, line by line, even word by word.

  • Every change to improve the resume is clearly shown by high-visibility highlighting.

  • Every technique used to make resume improvements is explained in clear, conversational language.

  • You'll see exclusive before and after comparisons of revised sections and the entire resumes.

  • Old and new resumes compared side by side with my exclusive color-coding system so that you can SEE and understand the improvements immediately.

I know you're thinking:   "What kind of resumes does he use to teach me how to make my own resume a masterpiece?"

"What Kind Of Resumes Are Torn Apart And Totally Rewritten In Step-By-Step Detail In This Book?"

  • Resume #1:  A male student with only fast food experience is about to graduate college and begin his professional career.

  • Resume #2:  A female engineer with limited experience is making the change from what she considers to be an unstable consulting job to more stable State job.

  • Resume #3:  A male environmental professional was laid off and he now seeks a new job at a similar company.

  • Resume #4:  A disgruntled female Economics major doing data analysis for a technical/scientific company wants a total career change for herself (no, not at the Post Office ;)

It is explained so well that even a beginner can benefit:

"The techniques in this book really helped focus my attention..."

"I was very apprehensive about writing my entry-level resume. The techniques in this book really helped focus my attention so that I could use the objective section to emphasize the training I'd received in school."

-- Scott R., Nashville, TN

"Are These CRITICAL Resume Writing Elements On YOUR Resume?"
  • What is the first thing the employer should see? (it's not what you think!)

  • What is the "resume within the resume," and do YOU have one in your resume?

  • If not, do you know the 8 criteria this critical resume element MUST include?

  • What are the 2 absolutely essential types of words you MUST have in your resume?

  • Do you know how to identify them, where to get them, and how to weave them into your resume?

  • Do you know the 3 Concepts that will transform your resume from Cellar to Stellar?

  • Do you want to know the absolutely best places to post your resume online?

  • Do you want to learn the devastatingly effective but often overlooked strategy that will get your resume noticed online?

  • Do you want Painless Resume Writing Tips that will put your resume on the top of the boss's in-box stack?

"Are These FORBIDDEN Resume Items Preventing You From Being Hired?"

  • Do you know which words you must absolutely NOT include in your resume (I'll bet they're in your resume NOW!)

  • Do you know what information NOT to include on your resume? (This info can give employer unfair advantage and jeopardize your salary negotiations!).

  • Do you know that your resume may be answering questions that are ILLEGAL for the interviewer to ask?

Here's what happens when you apply these "out with the bad, in with the good" resume writing techniques:

"I received a lot of positive feedback from it."

"I revised my resume utilizing some of the techniques suggested by Painless Resume Writing. After that my resume presented much better, for its presentation and clear concise information. I received a lot of positive feedback from it."

-- Brandy, Southeast U.S.

If you want those kind of results, you are just one click away from owning your very own copy of this book:

Most authors would stop there.   Not me!  Because I want you to succeed beyond your expectations and get the job you really really want, I'm giving you the following Career-Enhancing Software Tools FREE with your purchase of Painless Resume Writing.

"How Much Would $800 Of Resume Writing Software Help Your Job Search? (They're FREE With Your Order!)

  1. Completely FREE Office Productivity Suite that is compatible with MS Office and runs on all major computer systems.

  2. Free Income Tax Return Preparation Software so you can deduct this purchase on your tax return (consult your tax professional).

  3. Free PDF Creation Software that converts any file into a PDF with ONE mouse click. This is perfect for sending resumes by e-mail!

  4. How to get rid of your boss - without going to jail!

  5. In fact, there's more than $800 of money-saving bonuses inside your book!

"Wouldn't You Also LIke A Whole TOOLBOX Of Downloadable Career-Enhancing Reports and Software FREE With Your Purchase?"

  1. Award-Winning Resume Software (Windows only) that allows you to quickly turn your resume into a web page, suitable for immediate posting on your own website.

    (No programming knowledge is needed - simply cut and paste the info from your resume into the software's form!)

  2. 10-Point Resume Writing Completeness Checklist

  3. 9 Strategies for Writing Your Resume

  4. 10 Things NOT to Put on Your Resume

  5. Confessions of a State Hiring Manager

  6. 7 Common Interview Mistakes

  7. 6 Interviewing Tips for the Job Applicant (by the U.S. Department of Labor)

  8. 8 Smart Interview Tactics

  9. 12 Stupid Interview Mistakes

  10. 97 Ways to Save Money While You're Between Jobs

  11. How to Transfer Your Web-Page Resume to Your Own Website

  12. Most of these are original creations and are new to the internet!

OK, you're getting the downloadable PDF book that will quickly and easily help you transform your resume into an interview-grabbing winner, the no-charge Career-enhancing Toolbox for download, and all the free software (Income Tax Return, PDF Creation, Resume Wizard, and so on).

If you've read enough and want to have this incredible resume building package on your computer in just a few minutes from now, please

"I confess: This book isn't perfect."

  • Concern:   "This book will give me instant resume results, right?"

  • Solution:   "Wrong. Like anything else worth doing right, transforming your resume with the methods in this book will take some effort on your part. However, because you are here reading this instead of having the same lackluster resume repeatedly rejected, you are already several steps ahead of your competition."

  • Concern:   "Will I be getting a book printed on paper?"

  • Solution:   " No, this is a downloadable book, also called an electronic book or 'e-book.' This book is a file that you will download to your computer, double-click it, and read it. You do not have to be connected to the internet to read your book!

    There are many advantages of e-books over traditional paper books:

    • Delivery speed: You can be reading your new resume writing e-book just minutes after ordering, no matter what time of day or night you order.

    • No shipping & handling charges: Most people ordering this e-book need a new resume fast. You will retrieve your digital copy of the e-book using the same internet connection you used to order it.

    • No outrageous overnight shipping charges: If you want it fast, there is no faster delivery method than digital delivery.

    • No missing the delivery truck: Have you ever come home, only to find that the delivery service wouldn't leave your package without a signature? That won't happen here.

    • E-books are easy on your eyes: You can zoom the view in or out while reading your e-book, making the text easy for anyone to read.

    • You can turn it into a paper book: You can print some or all of the e-book if you want to.

    • Clickable links: One click takes you to the website resources inside the e-book. There are no messy http:// links to type into your browser (you will need to be connected to the internet when you click on a link inside the book).

  • Concern:   "OK, so it will take some work. What will I have to do?"

  • Solution:   "That's an excellent question!

    1. Download the book and resume-enhancing tools onto your computer after purchase.

    2. Open the book with the free Adobe Reader (Click here to test.  Adobe Reader is probably already installed on your computer).

    3. Read the short introductory chapters about resumes, determine which resume writing strategy fits your situation, and learn the easy-to-master concepts you will need.

    4. Find a copy of your own resume (if you can ;) and blow the dust off of it.   Get some blank paper or open your word processing program.

    5. Examine all the chapters containing the transformations of the real resumes, or you can choose which one most closely matches your situation and concentrate on that one.

    6. For best results, read all of the real-world resume chapters.   Every resume has its own set of problems and challenges to overcome.   Reading all of them will give you a broader understanding of the resume writing process, and make your resume that much better!"

  • Concern:   "Hey! Several of the resumes you analyze in this book are from a bunch of technical people instead of everyday people with real jobs. How is that supposed to help me ?"

  • Solution:   " Good point. But everyone has to start somewhere! Just like you, these people did not start out where they are now. And they have to list those jobs on their resumes. I promise there's something for you in this book.

    In fact, the book analyzes and explains a large number of different jobs, as shown below."

    • Web designer, Waiter / fast food, Studio artist, Restaurant shift manager, Environmental specialist, Property assessor, Technical customer service representative, Part-time faculty member, Various engineers, Waste specialist, Student teacher, Project manager, College co-op student, Financial document encoder, Administrative assistant, High school tutor, PC help desk, and Insurance case analyst.

    • Plus lots of other jobs that weren't even important enough to list!

  • Concern:   "The price looks a little high. Isn't this stuff free on the internet?"

  • Solution:   "No! Sure, you'll find resume advice all over the web, and it's all the same. When you buy this book, you're getting comprehensive, top-to-bottom, in-depth descriptions of the tips, tactics, and strategies I personally use to write winning resumes for my friends and family. You're essentially getting a virtual resume writer sitting beside you, describing in a conversational tone how to write a resume that gets results.  And THAT is NOT available for free on the internet!"

    (And when you add in the $800+ of free resources inside the book, plus the career-enhancing bonuses you get free with your purchase, you can't lose!)

  • Concern:   "I'm unemployed and I'm uncomfortable spending any extra money right now."

  • Solution:   "The cost of this book is almost certainly 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE for U.S. Citizens (consult a tax professional)."

  • Concern:   "I need to spend my time looking for a job instead of reading a 250-page book."

  • Solution:   "It doesn't matter how much time you spend looking for a job if every employer glances at your resume for 3 seconds and throws it in the trash can. This book ensures that you make your resume shine so that it gets the attention it deserves from employers."

  • Concern:   "250 pages is overkill, and I don't want to read that much!"

  • Solution:   "That's why the book is divided into several sample resume modules showing techniques that you can use individually or together to make devastatingly effective enhancements to your own resume."

    "The modules are separated by humorous interview stories, $800+ of free resume software and services, and a chapter on resume writing strategies based on many employment, experience, and educational situations."

    "Finally, there is repetition between the sample resume modules so that you'll learn how to write your hot new resume faster, whether you choose to read all the chapters, or just the ones that most closely match your situation."

  • Concern:   "What if I don't like it, or it doesn't work for me?"

  • Solution:   "It took over 3 months to write this book so that you WOULD like it and so that it WOULD work for you. However, if you have read and applied the techniques in the book and don't think you're getting the results you paid for, you can take advantage of our 100% 8-Week Money-Back GUARANTEE described below."

"If You Still Have Any Doubts Whatsoever About Buying This Resume Writing Book and the Resume Enhancing Bonuses, Let Me Get Rid Of Them Right Now:"

I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase and the knowledge it contains.   If you sincerely and honestly feel that you are not getting the value you were promised, you may request a 100% refund of the purchase price within eight (8) weeks of the purchase date.

Because you were kind enough to purchase my book, you will also get to keep the Painless Resume Writing book, the bonuses you got when you bought it, and the $800+ of free software and services contained within the book.

Bonus Guarantee:

If you didn't like this book, take your refund and use it at one of these premiere professional resume writing services:
  1. Résumé Writing from Monster
  2. ResumeEdge.com
  3. CareerBuilder Resume Writing Service - Resumes that get the best Jobs
  4. Get Started Now with e-resume.net

You can't get a fairer deal than that.

If You Want To Try Out This Resume Writing Book (And All The Bonus Reports and Software) Essentially FREE for 8 Weeks, You Can Download Your Copy NOW For

Only $27 $17 (Tax Deductible) U.S. Dollars
(Save 37% Now While It Lasts)

Think of it as inexpensive "job insurance."  Once you click this order link, you can be downloading your very own copy within minutes!

"...in three weeks I had three job interviews and a job offer!"

"I was laid off from my job last year and spent a majority of my day trying to find a new one while unemployed. I needed to find a new position quickly, as I had two young children and another on the way.

I sent my resume to 30 to 40 employers during the first three weeks of my unemployment, but with no success; not even an interview. I totally re-wrote my resume using the techniques outlined in "Painless Resume Writing," and in three weeks I had three job interviews and a job offer! I received a second (and better) job offer two months later!

I took the better job offer and have been happily employed ever since, thanks to the tips in Painless Resume Writing. The guidance in this publication helped move my resume to the top of the stack!"

-- Steve G. in Bellevue, TN

I sincerely thank you for considering this book,

Thank you for buying from PainlessResumeWriting.com
Doug Smith


P.S.   There are several UNADVERTISED BONUSES inside the book. I can't talk about them in public. They are rewards for my customers only.

P.P.S.   What will you get? You're getting the downloadable PDF book that will quickly and easily help you transform your resume into an interview-grabbing winner, all the free software listed here, and links to download all the resume-enhancing tools.

What do you have to do to get it? Click on any of the order links on this page and use your credit card to safely and securely order your copy of the book now.

When will you get it? Seconds after ordering, you will see a page in your browser that contains the download links for your total resume creation package.

What will your credit card statement say? The purchase price will appear on your bank statement under the name "ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM." Remember to print your receipt for tax deduction purposes!

Is this book compatible with my computer? PDF books are compatible with all major computers and operating systems. This book is NOT compatible with WebTV.

P.P.P.S.   You will need the FREE Adobe PDF Reader software to view your copy of Painless Resume Writing, if you don't already have it (most computers do).

Click here to test if the free Adobe Reader is already installed on your computer.   If you get an error, the software is available as a free download from Adobe's website at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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