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Free Cover Letters

By Richard Romando

If you find writing a cover letter difficult, a free cover letter template or sample developed by professionals can come to your rescue.

These are available for a variety of needs. They come in many different formats and levels of formality. You could choose the one that suits you best.

Resume cover letters are available right from executive positions to technical, managerial, sales, etc. Samples and templates are also available for attorneys, medical, teaching and industrial needs. All these help you introduce yourself to the person or company you wish to reach. However you should use a standard free cover letter template or sample only as a reference.

The best way to use free cover letter templates is to personalize it. Avoid the usual “Dear Sir/Madam.” Instead use a bold headline that will immediately attract attention. This is the same tactic used by people in the press relations industry, who use press releases with bold headlines and solid or surprising statements to catch the attention of the reader. Then add relevant details including how your offerings fit best into the company’s current needs. Avoid reusing what is given in a free cover letter template, simply because all the clichés and phrases have been used before. Terms like “excellent people skills” or “on the job experience,” are phrases have been used and misused over and over again. Put in more originality to make it sound passionate and eager. It has to sound different from the many others who are using a free template.

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